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Textures of Yosemite

Updated: Mar 10

I seem to always notice textures in nature and in the process of organizing my 250 photos from my Yosemite trip, these are a few of the ones I photographed specifically for that reason.

To the left is part of a giant Sequoia tree stump with orange/red sap.

Below is a close up of Bridalveil Fall. It was September so there was not much water flowing but still beautiful.

I love the smooth but jagged edged rock and its brown and gray color.

A dead tree with twisted and curled branches and different shades of gray

Below is another smaller tree not quite so weathered

Close up of rock boulder at Sentinel Dome

Bark of Giant Sequoia tree

Does anyone else have this fascination? I am sure some may think it boring but I think a close look can be so interesting - it always makes me ask questions and encourages me to learn more.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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